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Uses Of Fireplace Ashes

The ashes you collect from your fireplace may make you sneeze constantly, they can be messy as they are perceived as a nuisance. But you can choose to see the positive side of the ashes rather than the messy view. The popularity of using ashes started early in the ancient time when the scientist’s attention was caught up in potash from ashes.

Wood residue, ashes from the fireplace may be bothersome at times, but they also have their advantages. The following are the opinions that may give you a proper perspective and how helpful ashes can be used.

Help Your Plants And Treeshfbhjg

The white mess products from your fireplace are beneficial for your trees. Hardwood ash produced in your fireplace┬ámay aid improve the nourishment of the tree and the surrounding soil if it is spread at the tree’s base. The potassium in ashes helps plants to bloom and flower. You may want to add the ash inside the hole with the seed to promote growth if you plant tomatoes in your garden.

Avoid Rodents And Insects

Rodents and insects don’t like the product that builds up from your fireplace as you are not the only one who dislikes it which makes it an excellent repellent. Spreading a smooth coat in your flower beds and garden will aid you in keeping snails and other pests from destroying your harvest.

Spruce Up Your Lawn

Individual gardens and soils can significantly benefit from a little wood trash. Small amounts of ash mixed with a little water can promote the growth of grass and even liven it. But remember that adding too much ash can be deadly rather than beneficial.

Remove Stains

hfbbghgIf your concrete is spilled with paint, Or you have water stains on your furniture the remnants from your fireplace is the answer. Just scoop a small amount of that ash from your fireplace and add some little water to get the problems disappear. For paint spills, just put the ash on top of the spill. Add a small of the ash and water to a soft rag and lightly scrub the surface before drying it off with a non-abrasive, clean rag for marks on furniture.

Melt Ice

It has been stated that a light sprinkle of ash from your log burning unit can assist in melting icy pathways. A small layer can help to defrost cold places which may unfreeze other areas and gardens.