Hardwood Floor Refinishing for your Home

If you own a house or an apartment, your flooring may be made of several materials. It could be floor tiles, carpeting or beautiful hardwood flooring. If you have a wooden floor, then you may know that keeping it looking good and undamaged can be a tedious task. Many people resort to placing rugs in many places to protect the floor which would then defeat the purpose of having such a flooring.

Standard Wear & Tear

Wooden floors will always be subject to scratches and stains, and they can’t be aa01avoided. It becomes even more if you have kids at home. However, you can get back your floors to their original luster with hardwood floor refinishing new york services that will give you the perfect floor in a matter of hours.

How do they do it?

Since wooden flooring only looks beautiful when it is clean, scratch free and shiny keeping it well maintained is important. If you find that after years of use, your floor has many cuts, etc. you may want to get it refinished by an expert company that knows what they are doing.

Two methods are used to refinish hardwood floors, and they are Sanding and sandless finishing:


This method is best for floors that are extremely worn and have deep cuts, scratches, stains or abuse. Sanding will require a bit more time, and you will have to stay out of the room for quite a while.

Sandless refinishing

This method is perfect for floors that are not too worn. IT uses a scrubber to clean and remove existing contaminants, and it will even get rid of light scratches. After the brush has finished its work, the technician will apply a UV coat and a curing system which will leave your floor looking like new.

Finding the right company

aa02If your floor needs some care after years of abuse, finding the right service provider for the refinishing is important. Only hire from a company that has well-trained technicians with years of experience in the flooring industry.

Licenses and Insurance

Always make sure the company you employ for your flooring work has the required licenses to operate and that they will guarantee their job. If the company has insurance coverage to secure their task, you can be sure that they are reputable and take their work seriously. The last thing you want is a shoddy job done and your floor being worse than it was before.


How to Give Your Hardwood Floor New Life

We all want our home to be beautiful and elegant. However, there are many times it will need maintenance and places like the walls, doors, windows and especially your floor will be areas that need attention. Unlike tiled floors, if you have a wooden floor you may want to consider hardwood floor refinishing so that it will look new.

Types of flooringaa06

Many types of flooring can be found in homes. Some of the more commonly used ones are carpeting, tiles andhardwood. Each of these floors needs to be cleaned and regularly maintained if you want to have a healthy environment in the home. You need to be even more thorough if you have kids and pets at home. Since wood is prone to damages and scratches more, let us take a look at what you can do to give your hardwood floor a new life.

Refinishing your hardwood floor

Since wood easily scratches, you will soon find marks and lines everywhere. Even if you are careful, it will be difficult to avoid especially if you move furniture around and you have children. Refinishing is a process that takes off the top coating of the wood which also removes, stains and light scratches. After this is done, a new layer of protection is applied and once it has cured will look new.

There are two methods of refinishing wooden floors and deciding on one will depend on the depth of the scratches and how bad the stains are.

Sandless refinishing

This method is perfect if your floor has light blemishes and scratches. It is done by using a brush that will remove the top coating and any stains and chemicals for it. A new layer of the lacquer-like substance will be applied and once cured it will look beautiful.

Sanding method

aa05If your floor has seen many years of abuse, then sanding may be your only choice. This involves using a machine to take off the top layer permanently and also a light amount of the wood itself. Once complete, they will apply a varnish or UV coating, and also a curing solution that will protect the wood. The only disadvantage of this method is that it takes a lot of time and will create a lot of dust particles that are a result of the sanding. You will also not be able to use that room for a longer period.